MSF Card & COVID-19
Memo from CRC. Does not waive BRC requirement however, extends MSRC & BRC2 expiration dates.
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COVID-19:  Only six students per class.

COVID-19:  Students must bring face cover. 

Bragg Motorcycle Course


Provide military personnel; Active Duty/Reserve/National Guard can attend the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic Riders Course (BRC) and Basic Rider Course - II  (BRC-2) formerly named  Experienced Riders Course (ERC) Military Sport Bike Rider Course (MSRC)


As of December 19, 2010 - these classes are not available to: DoD Civilians Family Members and Retirees

As of August 27, 2009 - these classes are not available to: DoD Contractors.


Military personnel must complete the BRC before operating a motorcycle PERIOD!, no matter where you ride, on or off post. Wearing PPE at all times and locations while you ride is also required.


Personnel shall not be charged leave to attend the required training, per DoDI 605504 The required MSF BRC, BRC-2 and MSRC shall be provided at no cost to military.


Make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable by ensuring access to lifelong quality education and training for current and prospective riders, and by advocating a safer riding environment.


I have an MSF Card from "insert post or college" do I have to take it again on Fort Bragg??
No, if you are in possession of a MSF Card- enjoy the ride. Any MSF Course riders card, that states on the card, that the course meets the standards of the MSF BRC, BRC-2/ERC is acceptable and meets the Army's standard. AR 385-10

Never hurts to sharpen your skills - schedule for an BRC-2 - no cost to you and what you learn could be priceless.  


LOST Ft Bragg MSF Card - I lost my MSF Card - what do I do?
You registered on AIRS, return to AIRS and print a copy of your Student Record.   - verification via AIRS (how to verfiy - FAQ Page)

If you did not attend BRC / BRC-2/ERC / MSRC using the AIRS registration process (some installations use DTMS), you will have to contact the location where you received your training for replacement card assistance. 

If you were a Walk-In, the GSO registered for you and you can check your Student History.  


GSO will no longer issue replacement cards for Active Duty Service Members who lose their original Motorcycle Safety Foundation Card.  The GSO will do a “Print Screen” of the Service Members completion date and card number and print it out for the SM to carry until they attend the next advanced or refresher course at which time they will receive a new card.


We look forward to you!

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