Course List - Motorycle Safety Foundation (MSF)

  • BRC  MSF Basic Rider Course - Two Day Course -
  • BRC-2 MSF Basic Rider Course II - formerly named Experienced Rider Course (ERC) - one day
  • MSRC MSF Military Sport Bike Rider Course - one day
  • MRT Motorcycle Refresher Training - 2 hours - conducted by your organization, no longer offered by GSO.


DON'T BE LATE - If you are not there when class begins, you will not be allowed to attend.

AR 385-10  11-9

Motorcycle Safety


Progressive Motorcycle Program



b. Progressive Motorcycle Program. The Army Progressive MC Program is designed to consistently keep MC operator training current and sustain or enrich rider skills. The program consists of the following courses: BRC, ERC/BRC–II, MSRC/ARC, MRT, and sustainment training.

(1) Prior to operating any MC, Soldiers will successfully complete an appropriate MSF-based BRC course or State approved curriculum for MC operator’s safety training.

(2) Based on the type MC(s) owned and operated, Soldiers complete either ERC/BRC–II or MSRC/ARC within 12 months of completing the BRC.

(3) The Army standard basic MC riders course is an appropriate MSF-based BRC or DUSD(I&E)-endorsed, State approved curriculum for MC operators’ safety training. Training must be conducted by certified or licensed MC rider coaches and include classroom instruction on technical and behavioral subjects, hands-on training, a riding skills evaluation, and a knowledge-based evaluation. Installations will accept the completion cards of the MSF BRC course or DUSD(I&E)-endorsed course that includes written and riding evaluations as proof of successful completion of the required training.

(4) MRT is required for any (MC-licensed and endorsed) Soldier owning a MC and returning from a deployment greater than 180 days. A Soldier must attend MRT prior to operating his or her MC on a public or private street or highway with the exception of riding to the training site or location. MRT will be conducted on the individual’s own

MC to confirm ability to safely handle his or her MC versus taking training on a smaller size/cubic centimeter training MC. Training will be provided at the unit level utilizing the USACR/Safety Center MRT digital video disk, which is available online or by request. Based on MRT performance, commanders can refer MC riders back to Army Traffic Safety Training Program MC Courses for retraining if they question the operator’s safe riding skills.

(5) Absent exceptional circumstances, training is provided within 30 days of requests for training. Senior commanders may authorize properly licensed or permitted operators scheduled for training to ride on or off the installation subject to any restrictions imposed by such a permit.

(6) Within 5 years following completion of the ERC/BRC–II or the MSRC/ARC, operators will complete MC sustainment training. Sustainment training will mirror MC course selection as outlined in paragraph a(6) or Soldiers may take other Army-approved MC safe riding courses at no expense to the Government. Additionally, after a 5–year period of inactivity or the acquisition of a new or change in MC(s), operators will complete sustainment training. Soldiers are encouraged to take sustainment training after a major geographical change. Commanders are not authorized to waive or defer sustainment training.

(7) Personnel who operate privately owned ATVs or MCs off road should complete appropriate operator safety training.