Two Locations - make sure you report to the correct location.

1.  Waston Street Range

2.  Apollo Street Range - Pope Army Air Field -

AIRS E-mail you received also has the correct location.

ERC / BRC-2 Fact Sheet
BRC -2 Fact Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [104.7 KB]

ERC / BRC-2 is a one day course.

ERC / BRC-2 requires a minimum of SIX riders. If the minimum is not reached,
ERC / BRC-2 will be cancelled 7 days prior to course date.

ERC / BRC-2 report to correct range.  Which Range?  Directions Page has maps.

ERC / BRC-2 is not for sport bikes.  Sport Bike riders must register for MSRC.  If you show up on a sports bike, you will not be allowed to attend.


No class is scheduled on a Federal Holiday.  Due to mission requirements and resources, schedule is subject to change.  The "AIRS Calendar" will have the current information  (class date & start time), found via the Registration Page. 


Fort Bragg does NOT provide motorcycles for ERC / BRC-2.


Check-In begins 30 minutes before class Start Time


Class Start Time will vary - when you register on AIRs - the Start Time for the class is listed.  Don't B L8!


Arrive early enough to complete T-CLOCS - click here for T-CLOCS  


ERC / BRC-2 "Classroom Cards" - there is a written test. (PDF at bottom of page) 


Motorcycles NOT provided; all motorcycles must be street legal, AR 385-10 (two mirrors), licensed and have insurance.  All motorcycles must have two mirrors - no matter what your state requires.


Experienced Rider = six months or over 3K miles - must have a valid motorcycle endorsement or learner permit on their license and completion of previous MSF Course.


All Riders must have proper riding gear.


Uniform or civilian clothing - let those who ride decide - "no skin below the chin"


Each rider is responsible for their own PPE.

BRC-2 "Classroom Cards"
Information each rider is required to know, prior to attending.
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]